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Merkabah sculpture at Lupin Lodge

Merkabah Merry-Go-Round

Artist: Title: Merkabah Merry-Go-Round Medium: Metal Location: Behind the Sand Volleyball court Merkabah, meaning a space/time/dimension vehicle, is a divine light vehicle allegedly used by many traditions to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer”…
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Burning Man art, sculpture

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Garden Spider sculpture by Phil Lange at Lupin Lodge

Garden Spider

Artist: Phil Lange Title: Garden Spider Medium: Metal and Stone Location: Outside Pool Area Another Phil Lange sculpture graces this beautiful poolside planter box. Garden Spider highlights Lange’s use of stone and scrap metal. This playful creature is part assistant,…
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Phil Lange, sculpture

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Untitled wood sculpture by R.V.W. at Lupin Lodge

Untitled (abstract)

Artist: R.V.W. Title: Untitled (abstract) Medium: Wood Location: Restaurant This non-representational sculpture with wood as the primary medium is hand carved from a single tree. Smooth contours reach skyward, twisting and weaving as they go.

R.V.W., sculpture

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